Twin duo come together to create summer cocktail

There is a 1 in 350 chance of having identical twins, so the chances of two pairs of identical like-minded twenty-something twins setting up similar businesses are next to nothing. Well Joyce and Raissa from Double Dutch and Ben and Dan from Cranes have done just that.

Twinning It

Double Dutch have produced a delectable range of premium tonic which can be paired with a selection of spirits or enjoyed on their own. From their humble beginnings three years ago to now being featured in over 22 countries globally, listed in key off trade & on trade markets plus they recently took home both first & fourth place in the 2018 CLASS Bartenders awards.

Double Drinks

Also having a Dutch background, the Cranes Drinks twins have produced a range of alcoholic drinks made uniquely from Cranberries. Derived from an understanding that many university students want to enjoy a drink, however, that they also wanted to be health-conscious with their choices. Dan stumbled across cranberries whilst at University of Leeds and Ben enjoyed the abundance of cider in the west country while being at Exeter University. Inspired by their surroundings, they created the first cranberry cider. The Cranes Drinks range is all cranberry based, including their versatile cranberry and blood orange liqueur, ideal for making cocktails.


Both being innovators in their fields, the two twins have collaborated to create the Twinning It’ cocktail, the perfect cocktail to enjoy across the summer months.



  • 25 ml Cranes Liqueur
  • 5 ml Lime juice
  • 25 ml Gin
  • 150ml Double Dutch Cranberry tonic water


Double Dutch and Cranes

Double Dutch is available from Ocado, Drinks Supermarket and more. Cranes ciders are available nationally from Asda and Cranes liqueur is available nationally and independents and online at