Cranes launch in new Morrisons store

Co-founders and twin brothers, Ben and Dan Ritsema have secured their first supermarket launch with Morrisons, partnering with their local branch in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, which is set to open in March 2018.


The supermarket will be stocking the entire Cranes Drinks range including their three innovative cranberry ciders and their award winning cranberry and blood orange liqueur.

Their ciders, which have a 4% ABV, are brewed using the finest cranberries, alongside apples to deliver a refreshingly crisp cider. The twins have managed to create a naturally light craft cider by utilising the sweetness of the fruit, meaning Cranes ciders have 30% fewer calories compared to brand leaders. Each 500ml bottle contains 220 calories with no artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives.

Morrisons Cranes Cider

The fruitful liqueur on the other hand will appeal to aspiring mixologists and avid cocktail drinkers as the cranberry and blood orange flavours enhance traditional cocktail recipes, including the Cosmopolitan and Espresso Martini. Take a look at our cocktail recipes for some inspiration.

Cranes Cider Morrisons Launch
Cranes Cider Morrisons Shelf
Cranes Cider Morrisons