Cranes Production

Cranberry fields

With this glorious weather, the summer cocktails have been going down a storm. Which can only mean one thing, another batch of delicious Cranes Liqueur is on the going into production.


Cranes Liqueur is handcrafted in Cambridge by identical twin brothers Ben and Dan Ritsema. Made from the highest quality cranberries sourced from Wisconsin USA and infused with natural blood orange juices and orange rind. Over 115 cranberries go into every 50cl bottle of Cranes liqueur, creating the rich fruit flavours. The cranberries are left to steep in the grain spirit for four to six weeks, then the juice is pressed out of the cranberries. To ensure purity it is then filtered, before being bottled. Cranes collaborated with one of the UK’s leading mixologists to develop this versatile and award-winning liqueur. Making Cranes Liqueur a mixologists’ must have.


This versatile on-trend liqueur is perfect for both pimping a glass of Prosecco, the Cranbellini, and creating tantalisingly refreshing summer cocktails such as theCranesLemon Berryand Shaddocks G&T.


But let’s be honest, on these long summer evenings and al fresco dining experiences, can you really beat a Spritz cocktail? Originating from the Italian city of Venice, spritz cocktails are THE drink of summer and Cranes Liqueur offers a fresh new serve, over the traditional Aperol Spritz.


“Vibrant, bubbly, tantalising and chilled, the Cranes Spritz ticks all the boxes when planning a Summer cocktail menu. Even better, it’s a super easy and quick poor, what’s not to love!”

Dan Ritsema, Co-Founder of Cranes Drinks LTD.


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Cranes Spritz
Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur handcrafted in Cambridge
Cranes Liqueur in Jigger