Cranes Drinks Launch Their Full Range Onto Ocado!

Cranes Drinks Launch onto Ocado

British company, Cranes Drinks is launch their full range onto Ocado, with their tantalising range of fruit ciders, Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur and Cranberry Gin. Handcrafted in Cambridge, Cranes products use the finest cranberries sourced from Wisconsin.


Cranes Ciders are taking the industry by storm, with Ocado being their fourth major listing in a year. Chilled by nature, Cranes Ciders are handcrafted with the finest cranberries, alongside apples, to deliver a crisp, refreshing range of fruit ciders. Available in three tantalising flavours: Blueberries & Limes; Cranberries & Limes and Raspberries & Pomegranates.


Founded and developed by twin brothers Ben and Dan Ritsema, Cranes Ciders are naturally light, with 30% fewer calories and 40% less sugar compared to brand leaders.


“Consumer tastes are becoming more sophisticated, with a higher demand for quality, ethical and natural ingredient sourcing than ever before. Our fruit ciders fill a gap in the market for an innovative, naturally light cider, brewed to utilise the pure sweetness of the super-fruits.”


Dan Ritsema, Co-Founder of Cranes Drinks LTD.


Founded in 2012, Cranes Ciders, have been exceptionally well received across the country and are stocked nationally by Asda, East of England Co-op, select Morrisons stores across East Anglia, as well as, a host of farm shops, garden centres, bars and pubs across the UK.


Cranes are not only seeing outstanding success with their ciders, but also with Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur which is now double award-winning. Receiving silver in 2018 in the International Wine & Spirit Competition and gold in The Spirit Masters. Withinthe first six months of launching Cranes Cranberry Gin it has managed to secure its first national listing as well as receiving a prestigious award from the 2019 IWSC.


 “It is incredible to see Cranes Ciders building momentum within the supermarkets and we are beyond excited for both Cranes Liqueur and Gin receiving their first national listing” 



Ben Ritsema, Co-Founder of Cranes Drinks LTD.


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