Cranes Drinks Collaborate with AndPour


If you’ve seen Sex in the City, you’ll know that the Cosmo was the signature cocktail in the 1990’s for Carrie Bradshaw and friends.  Its guaranteed that every good bartender will know how to make this “little black dress” of the cocktail world and now so can you….with an updated twist…as Cranes Drinks have collaborate with AndPour.


The Cranes Cosmo is a modern take on the classic Cosmopolitan.  By switching out the Tripple Sec for the sophisticated Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur, you have a smoother, more complex flavour that chimes beautifully with the modern palate.


Made from the highest quality cranberries and infused with natural blood orange juices and rind, Cranes multi award-winning liqueur is the ideal spirit for shaking up timeless cocktails this festive season.


Visit andPOUR.com to order your cocktail pack, which contains everything you need to make the perfect Cranes Cosmo.

  • Cranes Liqueur


  • Chase Vodka


  • Britvic Cranberry Juice


  • Lime Juice


  • Stainless Steel Shaker/Jigger/Stirer


  • Step by Step Instructions


All of this is delivered in a premium presentation box, making this the perfect start to your dinner party or the perfect gift for him, her or yourself. Simply Mix, Shake andPOUR !

Cranes and AndPour