Cranes Crowdfunding Journey

We recently worked alongside small business finance company, iwoca, to produce a guide on Crowdfunding for Business. This is a topic which is close to our hearts at Cranes Drinks, as we have gone through the crowdfunding process twice, and both times it has been a huge success.


Iwoca describe crowdfunding as ‘a way for people who need money for a business, social or personal venture to connect with thousands or even millions of people willing to contribute financially’, and that’s exactly what it was for us. We had very specific objectives for both of our crowdfunding campaigns:


Campaign 1 in 2016:

To aid our growth and fund a professional rebrand of the company and product lines, along with supporting the businesses growth.


Campaign 2 in 2018:

To provide working capital to support the national launch of Cranes Cider in Asda.


In order to achieve these objectives, we used the crowdfunding platform, Seedrs, to connect with financial contributors. We promoted the campaigns through social media, blog content and in magazines. Both campaigns were a huge success, raising a total of £420,000 and we couldn’t have achieved our goals without the help and support of our community.


After a trial in Saint Ives Morrisons, we broke records and became a bestselling local supplier, with Cranes Ciders now rolling out through Morrisons East Anglia region and Co-op stores throughout the East of England.


Cranes Drinks has gone from strength to strength, and it couldn’t have happened without the support of our contributors, so thank you to everyone who helped us throughout our crowdfunding journey!

Cranes Cider Twins
Cranes Liqueur in Jigger
Cranes Cider