Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur is delicious and smooth.

Cranes Drinks collaborated with one of the UK’s top mixologists to develop this versatile, award winning, Liqueur. Made from the highest quality cranberries from Wisconsin USA and infused with natural blood orange juices & orange rind.


Over 115 delicious cranberries go into making one 50cl bottle.


At 17% VOL and perfectly balanced, Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur is the ideal spirit for creating innovative cocktails.


Cranes Liqueur is perfect for both pimping a glass of Prosecco, the Cranbellini, and creating tantalisingly refreshing cocktails such as the Cranes Lemon Berry and Cosmopolitan.


For some inspiration, check out our cocktail recipes.



cranberries in each 50cl bottle


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